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Doggy Style   [also known as 'The Aibo']
Scout Walker Kama Sutra Photos - Vertical Sex: Doggy Style
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So called because the position resembles a dog ready to leap.
'Doggy Style' requires one of the scout walkers to disengage their leg stirrups, lie on their head with their base unit thrust in the air and their legs resting on the ground behind them. Their partner then mounts them facing their feet (i.e. facing in the opposite direction to them) and engages with any point desired along the whole length of the base unit.

Although the Scout Walker on top is very much in control in this position, the AT-ST beneath is not so prone as it may seem at first look. They are actually very stable in this position and can rise easily to their feet afterwards or, indeed during - which would force their partner off. They can also raise one or both of their legs at any given time without loosing stability, and so pleasure their partners front and side turrets, and their face. Likewise their partner can play with their foot and claw. On climax it is not uncommon for the legs of the person beneath to fling upwards in the air and grip their partners head, but this should not cause a stability problem either.

This position also has great advantages on the battlefield as both scoutwalkers can pick off any unfriendlies that wander their way with any of their turrets and, almost romantically, they are covering each others backs as they face opposite directions. Should the tide of battle turn their way the Scout Walker on top can very quickly hop off forwards and engage the enemy, allowing their partner time to get into an upright position.

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