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People donate me money and, when enough has amassed, I go out and buy my lunch with it. You get to see photos and read about what I eat, where I eat it and the people around at the time. I'll also put up the names, pictures and websites of those that donated money towards my lunch, if you'll provide them.

All proceeds go towards my lunch.

If there is a little money I'll buy what I can for my lunch, but if there is a lot of money I'll go somewhere more interesting and buy something a little different for my lunch. I work (but don't live) in the Royal Borough of Kensington in London, but sure as hell can't afford to eat in any of its interesting and unusual places.

There's the Pharmacy on Notting Hill Gate, Greek restaurant Kleftiko and the Russian 'Ukrainian Club' down Holland Park Avenue, the Academy cornering Princedale Road, Bali Sugar (and many more besides) on All Saints Road, the Spanish Wiz hidden on Clarendon Road, Tootsies, Rubies and loads of others down Portebello Road... and I've never eaten in any of them.

Please help to buy my lunch so I can sample the culinary cultures around me.

Latest Lunch:  24/04/2003

Location:  The Prince of Wales (Princedale Road)    Price:  £0.00
Food:  Nothing Whatsoever

Nothing Whatsoever
Review:  I'm not taking the piss here - this isn't another attempt at saying "look I can't afford to buy lunch in Kensington" (that's all at the top of the homepage and from point 4 on this page). Nope, I had money from kind sponsors and went out with the intention of making use of their cash - I'll list them on a later lunch where I actually to get to spend their money. So what went wrong?

It was a nice summers day on Thursday, despite it still being spring. Deciding to take advantage of the heat and sunshine by eating outside, a pubs beer-garden seemed like a better idea than a cafés pavement table (as their generally on busy roads with smelly exhaust fumes), so I headed down to the Prince of Wales on Princedale Road. They have a beer garden out the back on Pottery Lane and, while it boasts no actual garden (i.e. it's all concrete), it does at least catch the sun nicely in the early afternoon.

After a strangely long wait at the bar - strange as it wasn't crowded there - I forgot to be gentlemanly and gladly embraced the opportunity to be served ahead of three other people to order one of the specials from the blackboard: a Chicken and Ham pasta combo that sounded rather nice. Only two of the blackboard choices were actually specials - the pasta and the fish - the rest of the menu is a static and rather small collection that won't do you many favours if you're vegetarian. Armed with a number-on-a-stick cut from the pub's pre-refurbishment wallpaper (more of that in a moment) I went and sat out the back in the sun on one of the picnic tables.

The Prince of Wales had been shut for pretty the whole of the year for extensive refurbishment... that ended over a month ago, and the pub had changed considerably. Once upon a time it was pretty dingy - horrible wallpaper, thin sticky carpet and a layer of nicotine over everything - including the high white ceiling and the rather impressive central wooden bar. And it was well known as a place you could easily find someone to sell you some drugs. Now they've washed off the nicotine, ripped down some of the wooden dividers to make it more open and airy (but kept some to keep it interesting) and torn off all the wallpaper and painted the walls various colours (again, some of the original paper remains for variation and to remind you how bad it once looked when it was all-covering).
Still no food
Still no food - and that's not even my pint!
They've kept the central bar, but otherwise most of the bar furniture has been replaced by an eclectic collection of chairs and tables seemingly bought from various second-hand shops (but probably cost a bomb nevertheless): funky 50's, 60's and 70's furniture mixes with converted dentist chairs, car seats and cinema seats.

But hang on a minute, where's my food? I check at the bar: coming soon, apparently. It's been a fair while - I have to move picnic tables as the one I picked has gone into shade, as the sun has moved considerably... read more

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